The island
In the heart of the Aegean Sea, God created the most charming of islands, with fertile valleys and incredible natural beauty.

This beautiful island has recently become more accommodating for tourists and offers its many visitors stunning seascapes and traditional villages. The locals still wear traditional dress and live off the fruit of the land. They are proud to guide you through the beauty of the island and their cultural heritage.


If you come by boat, you will dock in the hub of Naxos. It is known, as each one is known on all of the Greek Islands, as Chora. You will initially be greeted by PORTARA, the palace of Ariadne, as you come onto the dock. Further on towards Chora proper you have the opportunity to explore the Ancient Castle and admire the French School of the Ursulines. Historical buildings are not limited only to Chora; ancient towers and temples are scattered all over the island.

Naxos’ agricultural base provides for all of its inhabitants. We pride ourselves in not needing any major imports and being totally self-sufficient in the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and meats as well as in the production of olive oil.

The island is also a paradise for nature lovers. Days can be spent walking through the valleys, up and across the mountains all the while running into historical buildings and mythological sites, with local restaurants and cafes always nearby.

On the island’s windswept shores -out beyond the fresh seafood restaurants and vast beaches- there is often a windsurfer to be seen. It is a common sport here on Naxos; a favourite for visitors and locals alike.

Join in the celebrations! There are frequent festivals where the violin and lute can be heard, raki and ouzo can be tasted, and one can meet locals and take in the island’s good vibes.
Naxos’ nights are alive all year round; it is an important aspect of local life.

Hesitate no longer. Naxos is the best choice for your vacation.

The area from Kastraki to Pirgaki

This area has the best beaches on the western coast of Naxos; wonderful sand banks nestled against cedar forests. You can bathe in the sapphire seas well into the evening, as late as 9 on a summer’s day, and watch as the sun sets over a landscape as old as time.
A camera is an absolute necessity on a visit here!
Glyfada area - Aeraki Studios & Apartments

Glyfada area

Between Kastraki and Pirgaki, there is a beach which with several restaurants and cafes, called Glyfada. It is 2.8 kilometres long and is a favourite for many locals. Glyfada is also the home of the “Aeraki” complex. The name “Aeraki” comes from the Greek word ‘breeze’, which is a nod to the light winds which blow across the beach even on the hottest of days; a constant source of refreshment.